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Learn Python… But WHY?

IANT Spreading Knowledge

Did you know? AstraZenca, the developer of Covishield vaccine, uses Python for Collaborative Drug Discovery. Frequentis is using tools developed in Python for air traffic control, tracking weather conditions, controlling runway lighting, and navigational aid instruments. D-Link uses Python to Control Firmware Updates. Python Streamlines Space Shuttle Mission Design.

So, before answering why learn Python Programming, let us understand what is Python.

Python, an open-sourced, high-level and Server-side programming language is used in software engineering. Guido Van Rossum, in the late 1980s, modeled Python Programming language with a clean and easy to write syntax.

In the recent years, popularity of Python has increased many folds, due to its use in futuristic technologies, such as Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence backed by a strong & supportive community. It not only stops here, you may use Python Programming in Web Development, Graphic Design Applications, Gaming, Testing, Automation, Network development, Embedded Systems, and so on…

Which major companies are using Python? Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Intel, NASA, Netflix, Dropbox, eBay, Quora, Spotify are some major companies using Python. And yes, Python Programmers make great money too!

Now the bigger questions, where do I start & which training institute should I join? The following facts should be well-thought-of before joining any training institute. 1. Updated course. 2. Classroom & Online training facilities. 3. Technology Certified faculties. 4. Training infrastructure. Courseware. 5. Affiliations. 6. Recognition & awards. 7. Job support

IANT is one of the popular training institutes that goes beyond the above facts. IANT offers Python course with International certification from Star Certification, at world’s lowest price. At IANT the trainings are conducted by trainers who are internationally certified. The students get access to the LMS that provides e-Books, Videos and labs. Students can opt for classroom or online sessions according to their convenience

IANT is one and only Platinum Partner of Star Certification. Star Certification is a Vendor-Neutral and Open-Source IT Certification Body. Star Certification focuses on Programming Languages, Cyber Security & Disruptive Technologies.

With the boom in IT sector, students completing the Python course with Star Certification at IANT, may start their career in software development.

To know more about Python course, follow the link

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  1. Rakesh
    Rakesh May 27, 2021

    I want to learn Python. How much time do I need to learn full Python course?

      IANT INDIA May 27, 2021

      Dear Rakesh it will take 3-6 Months initially

  2. Debasis
    Debasis May 27, 2021

    Python can be learnt in 3 to 6 months. One must be ready to spend more time learning Advance Python with AI, ML, Data Science and other technologies

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