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Month: October 2021

22 Years of IT Training & Certification… KEEP Counting…

A Jaw-Dropping Fact – A Recent IBM Institute study reveals that 90% of Startups fail in India. Does it Surprise You? It Shouldn’t…

The reason, why Startups FAIL… LACK OF INNOVATION

That supplicates a question, what did IANT DO? Did it get any support? What is the secret of IANT’s success in IT Training & Certification?

You will get the Read More


Engineering Students – The Writing is on the Wall… Are you READING?

India is still a developing nation. The strength of India can be its 1.39 billion population. But are these resources used efficiently to become a developed nation? Similarly, this question arises, whether our engineering graduates are employable?

One million engineering graduates were produced in India at engineering colleges, this year. Approximately 10% of these engineering colleges impart quality education. According … Read More