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What after 10th & 12th?

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It is a well-known truth that most of the students, after completing class 10th, select their subject basis what their friends have opted for or what their parents want. If their study circle is good then it is a boon for them otherwise the first question that comes to your mind seeing the results – Now what to do? How will I face my parents, friends and relatives?

Lot of school dropouts happen during this period. The education system never made the learning fun, especially for these two subjects – Math & General Science. The students think these are the most difficult subjects to pass. But there are many such students who have exceled in their career with their sheer strength of mind. This reflects that it is not the subject that fails a student but the options they choose to make their career. And today the options are limitless!

Education is important but it isn’t everything in life. There are many unemployed people with PhDs, Masters, and graduations. Many of them have passed the entrance exams and even spent 3 to 5 years in completing their degrees. Still, there are many who could not get a job or have a meagre income. There are millions of men and women who have some levels of education or no education at all, still they do well for themselves and their family through sheer hard work and passion. You are now reading this blog. This shows that you are curious about your career and want to support your family with a good job. To get yourself motivated read our blog IMPOSSIBLE to I M Possible at:

The National Education Policy – NEP 2020 has brought a lot of innovative ideas to make sure that the learning is made fun, faster, and easier! Introduced subjects like Information Technology –IT, C Language, Python, Coding, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing from class 5th onwards. The teaching methodology will focus on developing Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. These landmark changes point towards building a 21st century workforce. The workforce that will be creative, solution oriented, and tech savvy. The results will not be in immediate future.

Then what are your options today? What you can do to get into a career in very short time? Let us explore the options. One should explore the options based on skills that are the requirement of 21st century work force. Are you ready to explore your career choices?

During the pandemic, there was one sector that supported us day and night for days on days and still supporting. The life would have been hell without this sector. What is your guess? Which sector is this? Think for a minute. Yes, this is the IT or Information Technology Sector. With all the technology advancements, IT sector is seen as an evergreen sector. The leading IT companies in India is hiring lakhs of people. From April to September 2021, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra Ltd added 122546 employees. There is a huge requirement in this sector at every level. But will they hire 10th and 12th candidates? Not readily, but yes with IT Skills and Certification, you may land up with a dream job.

What should I learn in IT? Basis your current qualification and interest you can choose Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) Domain or Software Programming Domain.

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) domain: Almost every businesses today is powered by technology. The technologies touch an individual employee’s work, operations, to goods, logistics, and various services. The various components required for the operation and management of business IT services and environments are referred to as the IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure components are made up of interdependent elements, hardware and software. For IT infrastructure to function, the hardware depends on software – operating system and software, like an operating system, manages the system’s resources and hardware. The components of IT infrastructure are:

Hardware: It refers to any IT component that you can touch. For example: PCs, Servers, Hard disks, Network cables, Storage devices, Laptops, Printers, and so on…

Software: The software allows your computer hardware to execute critical jobs and help your business run more smoothly. For Example: such as Windows 10, Linux, and MacOS are known as system software and Application software are MS Office, VLS Media player, and games to mention a few.

Network: Your network is the core of your company. It requires the correct support for a good network infrastructure. A Network is made up of devices such as switches, routers, and firewalls to mention a few.

Data Centre and Storage Facilities: Data centres are made up of several technical components that are classified into three types: Storage, Compute, and Network.

Virtual and Remote assets: Tracking and monitoring hardware, as well as software, has become more important ever since the pandemic. These are achieved with virtual and remote assets.

Wireless And Wired Access: Wired access refers to the connection of devices through cables and wireless access allows devices to stay connected to the network or system.

Consulting and System Integration Services: System integration is the process of merging all of an organization’s physical and virtual components.

Which training Institute provides complete IMS Training and Certifications?

IMS – CHNA-IPS 4.0 – Computer Hardware and Network Administrator – IoT, Programming, Security

IANT is the biggest TechEd Company in the EdTech space, training students in IMS, Software programming, Cyber security and Disruptive technologies. CHNA-IPS 3.0, a job ready career course, designed to transform the careers of 10th, 12th, Undergraduates, into a globally certified IT engineer. This 360 degree training module starts with fundamentals of Cybersecurity (Star Cyber Secure User – SCSU), Microsoft Office 365 and Star Information Technology Essentials – SITE. The other technologies included in this job oriented career course are: A+ (Hardware), Network+, Cisco CCNA and Star Cloud Computing.

Quick Facts

18 Months Course | 2 hours/day |6 days a Week | Hybrid Model | Classroom Training

13 Course Participation Certificates | 1 IANT Certificate | 9 International Certificates

Coding | Scenario based Training and Practical | Access to LMS (Learning Management System)

E-books | Videos | Spoken English | Self-Enrichment

The course in Software Programming Domain:

CSPE 4.0 – Certified Software Programming Engineer

IANT is the biggest TechEd Company in the EdTech space, training students in Coding, Software programming, web development, Full Stack development, Cyber security, and Disruptive technologies. CSPE 4.0, a job ready career course, designed to transform the careers of 10th, 12th, Undergraduates, into a globally certified software engineer. This course is a pack of the latest software languages and technologies. As per NEP 2020, along with the latest programming languages and technologies, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration exercises have been added in this course. The curriculum makes it easier for the students to become a part of the 21st Century Workforce and get hired for software development profiles.

Quick facts

18 Months Course | 2 Hours/Day, 6 Days a Week |Hybrid Model | Classroom Training

13 Course Participation Certificates | 1 IANT Certificate | 11 International Certificates

Coding | Scenario based training and practical | Access to LMS (Learning Management System)

E-books | Videos | Spoken English I Self-Enrichment

Why are Global Certifications so Important?

A global certification proves that you are good at your skills. A vendor or external certification body validates your skills. Employers use these certifications as a standard for hiring people on specific skills. International certifications have the following advantages:

  • Gets you recognized as an expert in latest technologies.
  • Fulfils the professional or corporate requirements.
  • Grows your professional credibility across the world.
  • Provides you with an opportunity to gain access to networking opportunities.
  • It helps in promotions too.



What are the job roles in IMS Domain?

Various job roles at the entry level in IMS Sector are:

Trainee IMS, L-1 Desktop Support Engineer, L-1 Network Engineer, Customer Support Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Jr. IT Administrator, Jr. System Administrator, VoIP Support Engineer, Ethical Hacker, Jr. Linux Administrator, Self-employment, and much more…

What are the job roles in Software Programming Domain?

Various job roles at the entry level in Software Programming Domain are:

C, C++ Developer, Python Developer, Frontend Developer, IoT Developer, Web Designer, Mobile application developer, PHP Developer, QA Engineer, Self-employment, and many more…

How do I get a Job in an IT company? Will IANT help me in getting a Job?

Placement is guaranteed in IANT. Student must attend all the sessions. Complete all assignments and pass all the exams and certifications. Once you complete all the prerequisites, visit and register your profile. You will be able to browse all the job listings matching your profile. Apply for the jobs you like, attend and clear interview to get a job in the evergreen IT field.

Always have faith in yourself, work smart, get your skills certified, & be successful in life!

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