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IANT announces Foray into Online IT Skills Training segment with I-Tech, eyeing IT Skill Training in K-12

IANT Spreading Knowledge

IANT – One of the world’s leading IT Training and Certification Company, has announced foray into the IT Skills Training Space with 100% Online IT Skills Platform I-Tech.Established by Dr. R. Kherani in 1999, IANT has been involved in IT Training Certification space. With a strong network of 110+ brick-and-mortar training centers across India, IANT has trained more than 1 million+ students, who have gone onto join IT Giants – Wipro, Red Hat, Cisco, TCS, Infosys and so on, in their close to two decades of existence. In the IT Certification ecosystem, IANT has been among the few companies in the world to focus their energies on Global IT Certification, resulting in them becoming the No.1 IT Training Certification Partner of CompTIA, Red Hat and Star Certification. Their valuable affiliations with Microsoft and Cisco make it a success story to revel. Their strength is clearly in the Hardware Networking Domain (Offered by CompTIA), Open-Source Linux (Offered by Red Hat) and Software, Cyber Security and Disruptive Technology Courses (Offered by Star Certification). IANT has also moved into IT Job domain by creating an Exclusive IT Job Portal:, strengthening the placement support process for their students as well as offering the best of IT Talents to the ever-growing IT Industry needs.Buoyed by the success and the need to tap and nurture talent at a young age, IANT has been waiting in the wings to get into the Online IT Skill Training space for quite some time now. The introduction of NEP2020 by the Government of India and the subsequent pandemic expedited the move to introduce one of a Kind, 100% Online IT Skill Training platform, I-Tech.It is important to note the contribution of NEP2020 in creating I-Tech. It has been a game changer in the education space thanks to the Vision of the Honorable Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi. The focus on children acquiring 21st century skills- problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration will go down as a watershed moment for Indian education system. I-Tech courses are designed to build skills in alignment with this new policy. It has introduced Coding & Vocational Training from Class 6TH onwards, making IT Skill subject at par with Language, Math and Science subjects. The online education market in India currently stands at USD 247 million and is expected to witness an 8x growth over the next 5 years.IANT, being among the global leaders in IT Training, wish to target this space with the firepower and expertise they have in this domain. Destined to reach greater heights, Dr. R. Kherani has expanded his vision to setup a Global IT Certification Company – Star Certification head-quarter at California, USA, offering Software, Cyber Security Courses (Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing) and Disruptive Technology Courses (Cloud, IoT, Big Data, AI, ML, Robotics), handing over the reins of IANT to Managing Director – Bhakti Ojha Kherani.

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